Your car is an investment, and protecting that investment influences every area of your quality of life.

When your car is dirty its longevity and your comfort are compromised. Dirty windows and mirrors are obstructive to your visual field, leaving you vulnerable to accidents; when abrasive grit and sand are stuck to your vehicle’s body and frame they can damage finishes over time, leading to increased rust and hastening paint corrosion.

And the interior of your car can also become less comfortable and less healthy over time if spills, debris and corrosion are allowed to accumulate.

With auto mobile detailing you can have an expert auto detailing company come to your home or workplace and do a fantastic job cleaning your car, taking it from dusty and smelly to fresh and shining.

Your Car’s Exterior: Protect Your Investment

bring back that new car shine with detailing services

When you have a new car, it is a point of pride to see it shining in the sun. The perfect paint job gleams and the windshield is like a mirror.

How quickly this glassy finish fades! Before you know it, all manner of debris sticks to the entire surface of the car. Bird droppings, dead bugs, tree pollen… within weeks your car looks just like all the old cars on the road.

And if you attempt a basic wash with sponge, soap and water, you are probably not happy with the results. Streaks and watermarks still mar the finish, and if you happen to get sand or grit stuck to your sponge you can leave permanent scratches in the paint.

How a Mobile Auto Detailing Company Helps Your Car’s Longevity

As an alternative to spending your Saturday in the hot driveway with a sponge and garden hose, consider hiring a mobile auto detailing company to take that job off your to do list.

Expert auto detailers are trained in how to prevent streaks, watermarks, and scratches by using the same tested methods and techniques with each car. Their thorough cleaning regimen will ensure perfect results every time, and their efficiency means that they will do a better job at an affordable price.

Paint Correction

A quality auto detailing company will also have an optional paint correction service. After cleaning your car, they will add a protective and beautiful coating, which will help keep your paint job pristine and restore that new car shine.

Other Exterior Details

A good auto detailing service will also offer headlight restoration, which has obvious safety benefits. Engine detailing can also extend your car’s life by reducing the corrosion of spilled fluids and accumulated dirt and debris that can slow belts and create excessive friction.

And ceramic coating, glass coating and other treatments will make your car shinier than ever.

Your Car’s Interior: Improve Your Environment

How long is your commute? How often do you drive to the store, the beach, the gym?

You spend a substantial amount of time in your car, so its air quality matters. Moldy crumbs in the cup holders and greasy smudges on the seats aren’t just unsightly, they are providing a home for mildew and bacteria to grow. Also, toxic particles can accumulate in the air vents, meaning that contaminants are being blown in your face whenever you turn on the air conditioning.

If you suspect that any of these conditions are impacting your car’s interior, ask about an interior detail package.

How Interior Detail Work Can Improve Your Health

A mobile car detailing service will make short work of vacuuming your carpets and seats. They will clean out cup holders and other crannies where mess has accumulated. If needed, they will even shampoo your interior, using their wet vac to quickly dry the upholstery, leaving your car with that new car smell that you have been missing.

They can also vacuum out your vents and change out the filters, ensuring that the air that is circulated through your car is fresh and clean.

Call A Mobile Car Detailing Company Today

A mobile auto detailing company will greatly improve both your enjoyment of your vehicle and extend its useful life. Gone will be the temptation to buy a new car just because they look shiny and smell nice; and with a clean body and frame, the car will last years longer than it would if corrosion were allowed to simply take control.

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