Wheel Coating


Why You Should Consider Wheel Coating

Imagine that you just got some brand new wheels. Clean and crisp as ever. You hit the road, drive it around a bit and by the time you get back they are filthy. So you give them a good clean and then you go out again. As you return, they are once again caked in mud, brake dust, dirt grease, exterior elements and possibly even excrement.

So what can be done? Is it not practical to have to clean your tires every time you go out for a quick drive. How can you keep them gleaming and avoid the daily mistreatment that most tires go through?

The answer: Wheel coating.

What is Wheel Coating?

Wheel coating is an artificial layer that basically fills all the nooks and crannies and imperfections or grooves of your paint. Once applied to your wheels it creates a smooth surface which makes it much harder for exterior substances to latch on.

It also helps to prevent paint peeling, corrosion and other damaging effects that time and environment can have on your car. A coating on your wheels is similar to having a piece of wood lacquered. It protects it, helps it last and makes it look so much better so you are not having to constantly clean it in the same way.


How Long Will A Wheel Coating Last For?

If you take good care of your wheels, meaning that if you clean them fairly regularly and don’t hugely mistreat them, a wheel coating should last you somewhere in the region of 2-3 years.

This means that you can have several years where your car maintains its new glossy tire look and you won’t be picking up every single thing on the road along every trip. Granted, you will still need to clean them from time to time, but the overall maintenance of your wheels will be far easier and they will look so much better.

Is A Wheel Coating Suitable For Your Car?

Not all wheels are identical. Additionally, many cars have wheels made from different substances and materials. However, we are happy to reassure you that this kind of wheel coating is suitable for all types of wheels.

So whether your wheel is satin-textured, glossy, matte, powder-coated, machine-finished, polished or painted, you can most definitely coat it with a wheel coat. However, it should be noted that if you have a matte finish and you apply a coating, it won’t have a glossy effect like it would on other wheels but it will still protect them and make them look really well preserved.

If you would like to know more about the coating or would like to see how much it would cost, feel free to reach out to our detailing specialists so we can walk you through the process.

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