Paint Enhancement

Why You Might Need Paint Enhancement

Though there are many ways to protect your paintwork, sometimes it is already too late and the damage has already been done. Oxidation and scratches can build up and ruin your paintwork making it look faded or worn. This can even occur as a result of improper car washing.

So what can you do now? Is there a way to restore your paint to that crisp shine it once had? How can you have a clear reflective shine if you have scratches inhibiting the reflection? Surely oxidation damages your paintwork permanently…or does it?

Whilst many people assume that when you see a car with these issues it is time for a new paint job, we are here to tell you that this is not necessarily the case. Indeed all you might need is for an expert detailer to go and give your car a thorough paint enhancement.

How Is Paint Enhancement Accomplished?

When tiny scratches build up they form something that is referred to as “swirls.” These swirls cannot be removed by a simple wash. However, an experienced detailer can effectively use what is referred to as an “all-in-one” polish that can restore the shine and twinkle of your vehicle.

This all-in-one polish has a machine that polishes the paint until all the swirls are gone. It effectively levels and smoothens the paint. Any deep scratches or imperfections will not be removed by this method of deep polishing but it will remove all the little defects that get on your nerves.

Additionally this paint polishing removes oxidation which will allow the true richness of the colour to return along with its clarity and purity.

Additional Benefits Of Paint Enhancement

After applying this all-in-one polish you will also gain some mild protection for your paintwork. The reason for this is that these complex polishing formulas contain synthetic wax so by getting a paint enhancement done to your vehicle you are basically also getting a free wax at the same time.

As a result of removing the scratches and oxidation, your car should also stay cleaner for longer. The grooves in your car’s paintwork are like collection marks that make it easier for dirt and debris to cling to your vehicle. Once these are removed, many exterior components should brush off much easier.

Why not try it out for yourself and see just how much it improves your overall paintwork? If you want something even more in depth you can also check out our paint correction option.

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