Paint Correction

Paint Correction1

When You Need Paint Correction!

Don’t you wish you could turn back the clock and correct some of the errors and defects that surround you? Well, when it comes to your car that is something we can help you with.

So many blemishes, faults and defects in your car’s paintwork are often viewed as permanent problems that can only be solved by repainting your entire car. Whilst a repaint certainly would make it look nice, that is an expense that you don’t have to shoulder.

You may have seen our paint enhancement option but we are going to show something even better. Join along with us as we discuss how we propose to correct your paintwork.

Paint Correction: What Exactly Is It?

Paint correction is a multi-stage and multi-faceted detailing option to restore your paintwork to its former glory. Your paintwork is constantly under attack by car washers, the environment, the road and even the birds above. Therefore sooner or later, your paintwork will get worn and damaged and need some correction.

Whether you have automated car wash marring, hologramming from bad car wash, stains left by bird droppings, fine scratches, swirls or water spots, paint correction polishes down your paintwork via several different processes to remove these unfortunate additions.

Some of these processes will include a range of different types of polishes and different gradings of polish pads to reach different kinds of marks on your paintwork. Often multiple stages and repeated polishes are required to give your vehicle a full correction. This process usually takes a few days depending on the extent of the repair required.


What Is The Difference Between Paint Enhancement And Paint Correction?

Paint enhancement is a singular method of polishing that removes defects and blemishes from your paintwork and restores some of the coloration to a good extent. However, it has its limitations.

If you were to go with paint correction on the other hand, you get a much more detailed and thorough corrective process. Because it is multi-faceted, you will get much more of the scratches and oxidation removed and as a result it will shine that much brighter and the color will be that much deeper.

Whilst we can easily recommend both options it is recommendable to use paint enhancement for very minor work and to use paint correction for a more thorough and complete restoration of your paintwork.

If you are not sure which option suits your car best, you can always consult one of our detailing professionals and they can examine the extent of your paints needs.

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