Clay Bar Treatment


Show Your Vehicle You Care With A Clay Bar Treatment

Many people agree that for something to last, you have to take care of it properly. We certainly agree. If you really want to take good care of your vehicle’s exterior then we recommend that you take the time to consider getting a clay bar treatment.

What you do today to protect your property will ensure its longevity and will keep its overall value at its max.

What Is A Clay Bar Treatment?

Quite simply, a clay bar treatment involves a bar of clay which is a resin mixture that will be glided across your bodywork with the aid of a lubricant or detailing spray. This is something that can only be done once the car has been washed and dried to avoid any contamination of the process.

Though in some ways similar to polishing this is a much superior method of taking care of your vehicle. The clay is non-abrasive so it does not remove a layer of paint like polishing sometimes can.


What Does A Clay Bar Treatment Actually Do?

Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal a clay bar treatment is designed to pick up anything on the exterior of your vehicle that should not be there. We don’t mean dirt and similar temporary items but rather things that are left behind even after a good wash or polish.

When the clay bar is run over your car thoroughly it will remove anything that extends from the car’s surface. This could include metal particles, brake or rail dust, overspray or even industrial pollution.

These are things you certainly don’t want to leave behind and often they cannot be removed by other means. Thus the need for a clay bar treatment.

How Do You Know When You Need A Clay Bar Treatment?

There are a few ways you can tell whether you need this treatment or not. You may see the defects with your own eyes nice and clearly. However, the best method is to run your hand along the surfaces of your vehicle.

Whether it is glass, metal, fiberglass or paintwork, running your hand over it allows you to feel for defects that could be affecting your vehicle but are not so obvious to the eye.


How Often Should You Get It Done?

There Is No Maximum Amount of times to have this treatment done as it is 100% safe. However, most vehicles find themselves needing to get a clay bar treatment every 6 months if they are being readily used.

Therefore, why not reach out to us for a quote? We certainly would be happy to make your beloved vehicle feel special and give them a clay bar treatment.

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