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Why Engine Detailing Is A Must For Every Vehicle

Have you ever had mechanical issues but been embarrassed for the mechanic to actually take a look at the hot mess that is your engine? Having a car that is shiny on the outside does not mean that it is going to be that way on the inside.

If you don’t get the engine detailed once in a while you could have the car equivalent of a good looking person who has just a terrible personality. We certainly don’t want that.

Like any person, your car’s interior is far more important than its exterior aesthetics. Every vehicle, it’s overall worth and its effectiveness comes down to what you have below the hood.

What Does Engine Detailing Involve?

Put simply, engine detailing is a professional cleaning of your vehicle’s engine. You may be wondering: But can’t you just wash it yourself?

Whilst some choose to, this is not a task to be taken lightly. Water in the wrong location can affect electronics, sensors and other engine components that could be disturbed or damaged by the application or accidental contact of water.

However, if you have a car detailing expert do it for you, they will know all the ins and outs of the motor, know what to avoid and know exactly how to reach all those nooks and crannies that most people would not be able to get to.


Does It Improve Your Cars Performance?

Yes, yes it does. Not only does it make it look nice but it will help to keep everything running smoothly and avoid a lot of issues that can come from a build up of dust and gunk. No engine can run at peak performance whilst it is slowly being strangled by sand, dirt, grit and other elements.

Engine detailing can make it all run as it is supposed and it will be much like having a brand new engine. Additionally, having an expert go in and see every little part of your engine can be a great way to spot obvious issues and defects under the hood. Therefore, this is definitely something you want to have an expert do as regularly as possible.

Will It Stay Clean?

As with everything that gets cleaned, it will again get dirty. Therefore this is something that your car needs on a regular basis.

For those in urban environments, an engine detailing every 6 months should suffice. However, if you live where there is snow, sand or other similar contributing factors, this may be something that your car needs every 2-3 months.

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