We provide the best mobile car detailing services; always performed under shaded canopy. We come to you in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas to help with your automotive cleaning needs.

maintenance wash

  • Perform premium hand wash
  • Clean  wheels and tires
  • Paint decontamination
  • Wipe door jambs
  • Wipe Dash, Door Panels, Center Console, and Steering Wheel
  • Wipe Leather Seats
  • Vacuum interior and trunk
  • Apply tire dressing
  • Clean windows 

clay bar treatment

  • Perform premium hand wash
  • De-grease wheels and Tires
  • Perform Clay Bar Treatment
  • Wipe Door Jams
  • Wipe Dash, Door Panels, Center Console, and steering wheel
  • Wipe Leather Seats
  • Vacuum Interior and Trunk
  • Apply Tire Dressing
  • Spray Wax Interior
  • Clean Windows 

complete detail

  • Perform premium hand wash
  • De-grease wheels and Tires
  • Perform Clay Bar Treatment
  • Wipe Door Jams
  • Wipe Dash, Door Panels, Center Console, and steering wheel
  • Wipe Leather Seats
  • Vacuum Interior and Trunk
  • Apply Tire Dressing
  • Spray Wax Interior
  • Clean Windows 
  • Complete Interior Detail
  • (utilizing Carpet Extractor and Steamer) Clean Seats, Carpet, and Floor Mats
  • Lightly Clean headliner
  • Condition Leather Vinyl and Plastic

paint correction

  • Premium Hand Wash
  • de-grease wheels and tires
  • heavy tar and bug removal decontaminate wheels and paint
  • performed clay bar treatment
  • meticulously clean emblem, molding edges, ( utilizing crevice tool)
  • condition wheel well, tires and trim
  • detail exhaust tips
  • clean and protect glass
  • apply 6 month synthetic sealant
  • perform stage 3, compound, corrective polish process
  • (removing up to 95% of defects, swirls and light scratching)

interior detailing

  • Complete interior detail in Los Angeles
  • (utilizing carpet extractor, and steamer) clean seats, carpets, and floor mats
  • lightly clean headliner
  • condition leather vinyl and plastic

Month after Month Protection

Q2M Wet Coat is a revolutionary spray sealant that offers instant durable protection . The real advantage is the huge hydrophobic and self-cleaning effect that is delivered immediately, together with an intense gloss and shine to painted surfaces. We come to you in Los Angeles to provide the best mobile car detailing services. 

Car Detailing Service in Los Angeles & El Segundo

Leading Mobile Auto Detailing is an industry leader for Los Angeles & El Segundo mobile car detailing, with more than a decade of expertise affording a dedicated service. Within South Bay and Los Angeles, we have a huge success rate for mobile car detailing service.

Our equipment meets the most stringent industry standards, and our cutting-edge approach ensures peace of mind and quality service. We pride ourselves on the appearance of your vehicle, and work thoroughly over every inch of your car.

We have a range of services for all your needs, including a premium washing and aesthetics service to a complete interior detailing. Our El Segundo mobile car detailing service can bring an effortless shine and aesthetic to your car, bringing back that new car feeling you had when you first took it out of the lot.

Why Choose Leading Auto Mobile Detailing

Our detailers are rigorously assessed and fully dedicated to the quality we have grown our reputation upon, and with years of experience we have built an in-depth appreciation and pride in our work.

We work on a huge range of vehicles and as such, we have seen it all. Each vehicle should be treated with respect and with attention to it’s unique features, and our team has great interest in a huge range of vehicles, allowing our knowledge to expand by the day. We have the resources and technical expertise to accommodate any vehicle that may come our way.

What do we offer?

Maintenance Washing

Our maintenance washing follows exacting standards with excellent cleaning equipment that addresses all the aesthetic issues that may present on your car. These can include things like water spots, smudges, and streaks.

Any potential environmental contaminants will be safely removed from the car windows, and other high contact areas such as carpets, seats, and any other areas depending on your vehicle.

Clay Bar Treatment

 We have a range of innovative and effective treatments to keep your car in top shape, and our clay bar treatment is a great example. This area is notorious for the build-up of grime and grit, rust and coarse materials along high use objects, and our cars are no different. The sun and the sand I a great getaway, but it can affect our vehicles. Our high-quality clay is in line with the best in El Segundo Mobile Car Detailing.

Complete Detailing

The head to toe treatment can be just what your car needs, and whether it’s leather conditioning, working out the kinks, vacuuming, basic cleaning, or more advanced waxing, we have the tools and expertise to take care of this. There is nothing like the rush of that new-car feeling, and our detailing work brings this sensation flooding back. 

Paint Correction

A quality paint job can make your vehicle pop and it is instantly noticeable when the wear and tear starts to show. With our El Segundo mobile car detailing, we offer paint correction to return the paint job to it’s original splendour.

With the latest Q2M We Coat, we seal in that shine and work tirelessly to ensure long-lasting benefits you’ll notice each day.

Call today to find out how we can bring you that new-car feeling all over again. Affordable and stylish, our work speaks for itself, and will speak to you each morning you walk out to your car.

Call (310) 321-8639 today for industry leading El Segundo mobile car detailing.

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