How Often Should A Car Be Detailed?

Detailing should be a routine part of maintenance, just like changing the oil. Maintaining your ride is especially important if it is a new car or a luxury vehicle. It’s a common-sense way to manage your investment. 

When do you need to detail your car? It depends. Firstly, where are you located? For example, experts in car detailing in the South Bay and Los Angeles like Leading Mobile Detailing recommend you have it done at least twice a year.

Also, how often is your car exposed to harsh conditions that may be destructive to your vehicle’s exterior and interior?

In Southern California, the common challenges are exposure to the sun and saltwater near the coast and sand, sun, and dust near the desert. Both can cause damage to the exterior paint, chrome, and trim.

Spending time in both the beach and desert climates can lead to saltwater and sand damage on the interior, as well. You should be especially careful with leather or wood features in your vehicle.

Detailing Should Be Part of a Larger Maintenance Regimen

Generally speaking, if you wash your car correctly throughout the year, then a paint correction and a separate polishing should only be required once a year. 

A paint correction using a technique like the clay bar treatment is best done in the spring after the colder winter weather. The clay bar gently removes contaminants and grime that have accumulated over time. 

Conversely, the fall is a great time to wash, seal and wax your car to protect it from the harsher winter weather. This will safeguard your vehicle against the challenges of the season.

Car Detailing Doesn’t Just Include the Exterior

Weathering damage to the interior of your car can also be minimized by detailing. 

Here’s a checklist of what should be done inside the car:

  • Leather and upholstery should be carefully cleaned and conditioned. 
  • Leather, plastic, or vinyl should also be sealed and treated to maintain their sheen.
  • Carpets should be steam cleaned and shampooed, and floor liners should be repaired or replaced as needed. 
  • Glass and mirrors should be wiped and polished. 
  • The manufacturer should replace any broken or nicked parts to keep your car in the best possible condition.

Taking care of your car may be more than just a good investment. If you consistently detail your vehicle, it might wind up becoming a collector’s item.

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