Some people only consider a full car detailing when they are going to lend their vehicle to a friend or put it up for sale. However, car detailing is something that should be done on a regular basis to keep your vehicle in top condition and to ensure that you get the most out of your beloved car.

When you find a car detailer they will likely have a whole range of services that they offer. But what does car detailing involve? If you request this service, what can you expect to be done to your car? Is it worth it?

Let’s explore this topic together and find out exactly what sorts of things detailing may include and how this can revitalize your vehicle.

What Does Car Detailing Include

Exterior Paintwork

Wherever we go or take our vehicles to, they suffer over time. Though they take a much harsher beating in the countryside, any car can collect dirt, dust, grease, and other debris that lodges itself in between the gaps and attaches itself to the paintwork.

This can result in rust and corrosion, color fading, and paint chipping which destroys the beautiful aesthetic of your vehicle. Therefore you need a detail specialist to give your car paintwork some TLC.

Combining specialized pressure washing, drying, and clay bar treatments, your car can return to its former glory. Finishing it up with a detailed polish, the surface will be good as new and all the fine scratches will have been done away with.

Exterior Accents

Exterior accents include outside surfaces made of plastic, rubber, chrome, and other similar materials. Over time without proper treatment, and cleaning, these accents can crack, fade or break.

To help remedy this issue you will need a car detailer to clean these exterior surfaces and find a way to protect them for the long term. Sometimes a plastic sealant is added or the items may simply be polished thoroughly.

Either way, once they are done, they need to be regularly cleaned or receive a detailing on a routine basis to keep them in tip-top shape.

Wheels and Tires

Road contaminants are all too common along with the aforementioned dust and dirt. These collect on your wheels and after a while, they can ingrain themselves into the metal to a point where they seem impossible to remove.

However, with the right know-how and some expert assistance, these blemishes on your wheels can be done away with. During the detailing process, the wheels receive a full restoration, the tough marks are removed, and the metal is polished.

Lastly, the tires receive their own special care with a unique rubber-specific sealant that protects them and gives them a fabulously glossy look.

Interior Surfaces

There are so many places within your car that are extremely difficult to clean properly or get to and therefore they fill themselves with grime, dirt, and dust. The professional detailer you hire is specifically trained to be able to get to those hard-to-reach places with the right tools and give your vehicle interior a truly thorough clean.

Some of these areas include:

Once everything is clean, a special sealant is added and everything will look both sparkling clean and shiny.

Leather Surfaces

Leather is not like all the other surfaces. Real leather requires specialized care that only a professional should handle. Many chemicals that would be used for other parts of the car or other materials could be damaging to your leather.

Therefore it is essential that a proper detailer cleans and conditions this material. This restores the leather seating, prolongs its lifespan, and just makes it look amazing. Overall, once they are finished your leather will be better protected and more resistant to stains and spillages along with the possibility of water damage.

Carpet Cleaning

A regular car washer or a car owner generally will not possess the right equipment, chemicals, and fragrances that properly clean your carpets and leave them smelling fresh and fantastic.

This type of detailing can rejuvenate your old carpets giving them new life and restoring them to the way they looked once before. The carpets need to be shampooed and deodorized, though non-fragrant options are also usually available.

Overall Detailing

Once all the detailing procedures have been taken care of, your vehicle will look better than it has in a long long time. It is the fountain of youth for vehicles and completely revitalized its look, feel, and function.

Overall, with all the detailing done your car will look almost brand new, it will be far more comfortable to ride in, much more welcoming to your guests, much better cared for and if you are wanting to sell your car at some point it will reach a much better market value.

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