Mobile Car Detailing that Comes to You

If you wish to maintain the resale value of your car, it pays—literally—to keep it well-maintained. By taking advantage of the services of mobile detailing, you can keep your car safe and clean, and reduce the impact of wear-and-tear. In fact, you should have a mobile detailer visit your home or office regularly.

Mobile car cleaning services for you can be both comprehensive and beneficial. Besides the regular washing and detailing service that you can schedule weekly or bi-weekly, you may also want to consider paint correction for an older vehicle whose finish has faded or has begun to lose its luster.

Paint Correction Benefits

Let’s review the benefits involved in paint correction for cars.

Increasing Your Car’s Paint Life

Paint correction will add years to the life of the paint on your car. Over time, oxidation and scratches leave a car’s clear coat exposed. This exposure also includes the accumulation of water, dirt, pollutants, and chemicals – all which eat away at a car’s surface paint. When this happens, a car begins to corrode and rust. Fortunately, paint correction can be used to prevent this type of issue.

Added Shine

When you opt for a paint correction, you also bring back your car’s showroom type shine. That is because a paint correction restores a vehicle’s clear coat. Therefore, when your car is buffed, it will display a shiny and gleaming appearance. This makes a car look younger, newer, brighter and visibly more vibrant.

Restoring Exterior Accents

A paint correction service also recaptures a car exterior’s accents and vinyl trim. The new shine of the paint is not the only advantage. Your vinyl and rubber bumpers will also take on a new kind of gloss.

If you do choose to have paint correction services, mobile washing and detailing will help maintain your car’s new look. Whether you wish to spruce up the looks of your current car or want to rehab a favorite classic car, a full-service mobile detailer can help you.

So, what does mobile detailing services entail?

Let’s look at the services involved in a regular and maintenance wash. These services include the following:

  • Performing a quality manual wash
  • Cleaning the tires and wheels
  • Going through the process of paint decontamination
  • Wiping the door jambs
  • Wiping the dash as well as the door panels, steering wheel, and center console
  • Wiping leather seats, if applicable
  • Vacuuming the trunk and interior
  • Applying a tire dressing
  • Cleaning the windows

Other mobile detailing packages include clay bar treatments (that get rid of water spots) and exterior and interior detail services.

People are keeping their cars longer nowadays. That is why you cannot minimize the importance of regular mobile cleaning and detailing.

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