Mobile Auto Detailing Tips

If you want to keep your car looking great, getting your vehicle detailed may be the best move you can make. 

When you hire a firm to do mobile auto detailing, they will use their special skills and equipment to give your vehicle a clean and new look – inside and out. Here are some of the ways they do that: 

#1 Drying Glass Surfaces in Two Directions

When they clean and dry your windows, there can be streaks on the inside or outside of the glass. That is why it helps to dry the exterior glass in one direction and the interior in the other direction. 

When they dry your windshield like this, you will know if the streak is inside or outside. So you can find that problem fast and fix it. 

#2 Clean The Top of the Windows

Your detailers avoid undesirable smears by ending down the windows to clean the top part of the glass. Excess cleaner can build up in the window jamb. This can lead to dripping and streaking. If you wind the windows down a bit, you can ensure that all of the windows gets clean and there are no streaks. 

#3 Shampoo It Often

To keep the paint job looking good, it is important to wash your car every two weeks. This reduces dirt and also will prevent rust. While some people think washing this often will damage the clearcoat, this is not usually true. Make sure you use a good car soap and not the harsh one you use on your dishes. 

#6 Rinse Sponge Often

One thing that amateurs may do is not rinse their sponge enough. This can cause you to leave tiny scratches on the clear coat finish. Rinse your sponge every minute or so as you wash. 

#7 Get Rid of Swirl Marks With Polish

Swirl marks are very fine scratches that show on the car’s paint. While some will tell you that covering the car in wax will remove these marks, this is not so. The best way to get them off is to use a quality car polish. 

#8 Use a Power Buffer to Put Wax On 

A power buffer is a good way to put wax on your car. But it should not be used to remove it; you may end up with an uneven finish and swirls on your clear coat. 

These are some of the secrets that car detailers use to make your car like fantastic. 

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