What Is A Full Detail On A Car?

You take a look at your car and realize that it has been a while since it has been cleaned. You may not see “Wash Me” in the dirt on it, but it’s close. The question is… do you want to just wash it or have a detail?

When it comes to mobile car detailing in Los Angeles, there are a variety of things to know. The biggest factors that you want to pay attention to is what material they are using and how long it will take. There’s a difference in your choices.

Car Wash

When you go to a car wash, they will use an automated service with giant spinning brushes and other things. They may wind up cleaning some parts of the interior of the car and also hand drying it.

While this may look nice, it’s not a complete job. They get rid of some dirt and trash while making the exterior look shiny, there will still be old scratches and other existing damage. This is best for a car that hasn’t been washed in a while and you want it to look decent.

Full Detail

A full detail is a cleaning for the entire car, including things like door jambs and the wheels. As far as the material goes, the cheaper ones tend to skimp on that – like they may use the same water bucket all day. Pay attention to the price and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

The high-end car details go extremely in-depth… and can take upward of 20 hours or more for completion. This is not a small undertaking – they will remove dents and scratches and the final result will have your car looking brand new. You can typically expect to pay upward of $1,000 or more for this. 

When Should You Have A Detail?

This can depend on how you use your car. If you use it for business, then you want to make sure that it routinely looks nice, since first impressions go a long way. Talk with an auto professional about a detail schedule.

Ultimately, you can get a detailing that makes your car look nice and clean and then you can get one that makes it looks like it just came out of the new car lot. Your budget will come into play. After you do your research, pay for a detail that you know you will be happy with.

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