Mobile Car Detailing in Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach Mobile Car Detailing

Leading Mobile Auto Detailing takes the lead in professional car detailing services. We take the hassle out of waiting in line at the carwash and bring our specialized services to your home or office.  With our full-service Redondo Beach mobile car detailing services, customers can expect their vehicles to be polished to perfection.

Why Us?

We bring our on-demand auto detailing services to you. Redondo Beach is a vibrant community where you can always see people out and about, playing soccer, having lunch — and waiting for hours to get their car washed! Redondo Beach’s residents take good care of their vehicles, but not everyone has the time. Leading Mobile Auto Detailing has been servicing the area for over 10 years, providing same-day appointments and specialized auto detailing at reasonable prices.

What We Offer

Maintenance Wash

Our Maintenance Wash package is ideal for those who want to keep their cars clean without damaging its coat. Our process is conducted using only high-grade and safe products that minimize the appearance of swirls, water spots, and other surface defects. Vehicles are washed using deionized water to remove heavy grime, and wheels are cleaned with non-acidic cleaners to get rid of dirt.

Clay Bar Treatment

Does your car feel rough? Our clay bar treatment covers the interior and exterior of your vehicle, getting rid of metal particles, brake dust, and other environmental contaminants that take the shine away from your ride. This prepares your vehicle for any polishing or waxing.

Complete Auto Detailing

Our Redondo Beach mobile car detailing service offers complete auto detailing. Our professional technicians will ensure that your car is in its peak condition, providing personalized attention to its interior and exterior. Even if your vehicle has heavy scratches and stains, our Complete Auto Detailing package guarantees to bring back your car’s brand-new finish.

Paint Correction

A paint job can cost between $1000 to $3500 according to CostHelper. We offer a faster and cheaper alternative by using a special sealant that can bring back your car’s original gloss and shine. After meticulously cleaning your car, our specialized team will carry out the corrective polish process using a long-lasting sealant called Q2M Wet Coat.

Interior Detailing

Get rid of lingering odors and unpleasant stains. Our detailers will clean all armrests, condition the seats, sanitize the dashboard and center console, vacuum and shampoo carpets and floor mats, and more. We offer a deep clean of all nooks and crannies, giving you a car that looks and smells fresh.


Call Us for Quality Car Detailing

It’s time you take your car for a well-deserved and much-needed makeover. Call us today at (310) 321-8639 to experience premier Redondo Beach mobile car detailing.


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