Mobile Car Detailing in Marina Del Rey

Enjoy a flawless finish with Leading Auto Detailing’s mobile car detailing services. Whether you want to restore your car’s immaculate condition or boost its resale value, we’ve got the team and tools to get the job done in 24 hours. We offer flexible detailing services that work around your schedule and location.

Why Us?

At Leading Auto Detailing, we not only offer premium detailing services, but we also protect their investments. Through ten years of industry experience, we’ve mastered our processes and techniques, using industry-standard tools and equipment, to bring perfection to all of our customers’ vehicles. Our Marina Del Rey mobile car detailing process guarantees a showroom-quality finish that will make heads turn each time you drive by.

What We Offer

Maintenance Wash

Sometimes, all your car needs to look fresh again is a meticulous maintenance wash. Our detailers will come to your location, bringing all of their equipment with them, including our deionized water that prevents spots, streaks, and swirls from appearing on your car after it dries.

Clay Bar Treatment

Claying is the safest non-abrasive method of removing brake dust, overspray, and other pollutants from your car’s surface. We use clay-resin to gently pull on surface imperfections, gradually revealing the original, glass-like condition of your car’s paint.

Full Auto Detailing

For the total Marina Del Rey mobile car detailing experience, get our complete auto detailing package, which cleans and protects your vehicle from top to bottom. We’ll wipe your windows, clean your tires, polish your paint, and make sure you have a brand-new vehicle by the end of the day.

Paint Correction

This process restores the clear and glossy coat of your paint and is popular among car owners who want a quick, convenient, and affordable alternative to repainting. We are experts in paint correction and can safely polish your vehicle, giving it a durable coat that can last several months.

Interior Detailing

We’ll bring back that “new car smell” we all love with our interior Marina Del Rey mobile car detailing. Our specialists will shampoo your vehicle’s upholstery, deodorize the AC, polish the leather, vacuum your floor mats, and much more. Not only does this freshen up your car, but it also protects you from respiratory irritation.

Call Us for Quality Marina Del Rey Car Detailing

For all of your mobile car detailing needs, call (310) 321-8639. Our professional detailers are ready to detail your car at your most convenient time.

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