Mobile Car Detailing in Manhattan Beach

Living in an area full of beaches can leave your vehicle prone to accumulating environmental contaminants that don’t belong in your car. With our Manhattan Beach mobile car detailing services, we can restore your car’s luster and make it look fresher than ever. We are dedicated to providing superior, on-demand detailing services for all kinds of vehicles.


Why Us?

For quick and convenient Manhattan Beach mobile car detailing, call our professional detailers and we will come to you, regardless of where you are located in the Manhattan Beach area. Whether you need a basic maintenance wash or complete auto detailing, we have over ten years of experience and cutting-edge tools to get the job done. We take pride in our expert care, offering customers services that aim for perfection.


What We Offer


Maintenance Wash

The first step to a brand-new looking car is a thorough maintenance wash. Our detailers use high-quality and safe products to clean your vehicle from top to bottom. Our premium wash services safely remove all of the minor imperfections from your windows, doors, bumpers and more.


Clay Bar Treatment

Claying is just one of the innovative treatments we carry out at Leading Mobile Auto Detailing. Using a clay bar effectively removes the buildup of rust, dirt, and other coarse materials on the exterior and interior of your vehicle, without risking damage to the surface.


Complete Auto Detailing

We’re more than a car wash. Our detailing solutions include a hands-on experience that thoroughly gets rid of debris, road salt, loose gravel, and other contaminants, and renews your car’s luster, restoring its protective coating. With our complete auto detailing package, your car will look as great as it did in the showroom.


Paint Correction

Did your last car wash leave swirls, scratches, and other fine marks all over your vehicle’s coat? With our Manhattan Beach mobile car detailing services, our team will provide a protective layer that will bring back your car’s gorgeous shine. Our paint correction service requires no expensive and time-consuming repainting, all thanks to our choice sealant: Q2M Wet Coat.


Interior Detailing

The inside of your car should feel like home. Interior detailing takes care of your vehicle from within, getting rid of annoying stains on the seats, dried up dirt on the floor mats, and grease on the console. Our specialized interior detailing service brings back that fragrant new car smell all of your passengers will envy.


Call Us for Quality Car Detailing in Manhattan Beach

Did that last trip to Manhattan Beach Pier trap sand inside your car? Call (310) 321-8639 today so we can take care of all your detailing requirements.

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