Mobile Car Detailing in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the second most populated city with four million residents. In this vibrant metropolis, Leading Auto Mobile Detailing stands out as the leader in on-demand auto detailing. No more prescheduling or waiting in line, as our detailers will come to you. Whether you’re exploring L.A.’s world-renowned entertainment centers or running to a casting call, we offer flexibility to work around your schedule. WithLos Angeles mobile car detailing, enjoying a sleek, clean ride has never been easier.


Why Us?

The staff at Leading Auto Mobile Detailing has over ten years of experience in the Los Angeles mobile car detailing industry. We go the extra mile to provide top-of-the-line services while guaranteeing a stress-free experience to both new and repeat customers. With us, you can expect the VIP treatment — our detailers will arrive at your home/office with all the supplies and equipment to perform the entire auto detailing right in front of your eyes.


What We Offer

Maintenance Wash

When was the last time you washed your car? Our detailers give your vehicle a much-needed scrub-down using only deionized, ‘spot-free’ water to prevent the appearance of spots and stains on your windshield, upholstery, etc. Deionized water also gives your car an immediate shine and prepares the car’s coat for waxing.

Clay Bar Treatment

Our professional detailers are equipped with the right tools to conduct a full-body clay bar treatment. This restores your vehicle’s coat by eradicating environmental contaminants like brake dust, minor scratches, and metal particles. The finest of particles adheres to the clay resin, removing them without the risk of scratching.

Complete Auto Detailing

If you spend most of the day in your car, you’ll want it to look, smell, and feel good. Our complete Los Angeles mobile car detailing service will make your vehicle look good as new. From conditioning your leather seats to wiping down your car’s headlights, bumpers, and mirrors, this package will make head turns as you drive down Sunset Boulevard.


Interior Detailing

Riding in Los Angeles means riding in style. Impress your guests (and date) with our interior detailing package. Our detailers perform a thorough clean of the seats, carpets, floor mats, etc., getting in between crevices to make sure there’s no dirt in sight. We also deodorize your car to get rid of foul odors, giving you back that signature new-car smell.


Call Us For Quality Car Detailing

Our Los Angeles mobile car detailing services work around your schedule. Simply give us a call and our professional detailers will arrive at your home or office. You’ll have a fresh car in just a few hours!


Call (310) 321-8639 today for Los Angeles mobile car detailing services.


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