Mobile Car Detailing in Culver City

Cars that are ignored are more prone to wear and tear. Without regular maintenance, your vehicle won’t just suffer from scruffs and scratches, but its value also decreases at a much faster rate. Leading Mobile Detailing can help protect your valuable asset by providing professional Culver City mobile car detailing.

Why Us?

Our detailing experts are the best in the industry. We are dedicated to offering professionalism and reliability in all stages of the detailing process, from basic car washing to showroom-worthy polishing. Our optimal vehicle care guarantees that you can drive away in a car that looks like it just came out of the factory. The best part? We offer on-demand, same-day services that adjust to your schedule. We will come to you.

What We Offer

Maintenance Wash

No one has the time to wait for hours just to get their car washed. The good news is that our Culver City mobile car detailing service keeps your car looking good, without you having to leave your home or office. It’s our job to make your vehicle look pristine from every angle.

Clay Bar Treatment (Claying)

Washing alone, even with the strongest cleaners, won’t get rid of the stubborn surface contaminants on your car’s surface. Our clay bar treatment makes your vehicle’s coat looking and feeling like glass. This non-abrasive method gently pulls pollutants like brake dust, paint overspray, and rust.

Complete Auto Detailing

Washing and claying can remove minor scuffs and scratches, but if you want the real deal, our complete auto detailing package can clean your vehicle from top to bottom. This involves restoring the original condition of your car’s interior and exterior constituents by vacuuming, waxing, etc.

Paint Correction

If you’ve had your car for quite some time, you might have noticed imperfections like swirl marks, spider webs, and fine scratches. Our Culver City mobile car detailing service includes paint correction which restores the paint’s original condition. We use a protective sealant that lasts 6 months and is more durable than your average top coat.

Interior Detailing

All of the upholstery and carpets inside your car are vacuumed and shampooed to remove all dirt, dust, and other pollutants which pose serious health risks. If your car has leather seats, our detailers will use safe products to condition them and restore their shine. Interior detailing also includes total cleaning of windows and polishing of the dashboard and console.


Call Us for Quality Culver City Mobile Car Detailing

It’s time to treat your car to the best quality detailing in Culver City. Dial (310) 321-8639 today for superior, same-day detailing services.

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