Mobile Car Detailing in Beverly Hills

If you look around Beverly Hills, you will find dozens of luxury vehicles and shiny cars passing by. This might want to make you drive your car to the nearest carwash so that it can “fit in”. But what your car requires is a top-rated detailing service run by true experts in the industry. When it comes to Beverly Hills mobile car detailing, our team can offer your vehicle the star treatment it deserves.

Why Us?

In the ten years that we’ve been open for business, we’ve earned a reputation for excellence in our specialized Beverly Hills mobile car detailing services. Our trained detailers always ensure to treat each customer’s vehicle like their own. Customers are guaranteed that their ride will look fresh off the factory once our job is done. Our detailers are highly experienced and offer a wide array of personalized services, tailored to your car’s specific make and model.


What We Offer

Maintenance Wash

Our spot-free wash is one of our most requested services, as it ensures a streak-free, smudge-free finish. Using deionized water, our detailers give your vehicle a thorough cleanse, getting rid of all grit and grime all around and underneath your car.

Clay Bar Treatment

We use an engineered clay-resin material to gently remove pollutants from the surface of your car’s glass, coat, metal, etc. Our innovative clay bar treatment cleans your car without the risk of scratching and scuffing.

Complete Auto Detailing

A popular choice among Beverly Hills car owners is our complete auto detailing package. This package cleans every crack and crevice, giving equal attention to the interior and exterior of your vehicle. From washing your car to polishing and buffing its coat, our full auto detailing package will surely turn heads!

Paint Correction

Customers can enjoy our paint correction and ceramic coating services. This is the best way to keep your vehicle looking brand-new 365 days a year. Paint correction restores the shine and luster to your vehicle without having to spend thousands of dollars on repainting. It’s the fastest way to give your car that showroom-quality shine!

Interior Detailing

Most Beverly Hills mobile car detailing services skip out on interior detailing, but not us. At Leading Mobile Detailing, our technicians give the inside of your car a flawless finish. We clean everything — even the dirtiest areas in your car. When we’re done, you won’t see a single speck of dust in sight.

Call Us for Quality Car Detailing

Don’t let the luxury SUVs and sports cars intimidate you — your vehicle can look just as good! All it takes is one call to (310) 321-8639.



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