Paint Protection Film For Your Car

When you paint your car, it is an expensive process, and you don’t want to have any damage occur to your vehicle. If you have a poor quality paint job, the paint will fade, fleck off, and come apart. In some cases, all you will have to do is rub your thumb across the color, and it comes right off. That is not what you will want after spending so much money to make your car look fantastic. This is where a paint protection film comes in.

What It Is

A paint protection film is a polyurethane film that goes over your car’s body panels. It will protect them from scratches, the sun, rocks, and other areas of damage and harm. When you drive, you will see that just about everything you can think of is coming at your car at high speeds. You can even have dead animals or oils coming at your car. Shocking but true. With a film over your car, you can protect it from damage while making your car look beautiful at the same time.

The Cost

You will need to keep in mind that this can be an expensive process, but if you shop around and understand how to be more innovative and decisive, you will save money. Some companies will charge up to nine thousand dollars for a service like this, while others charge a thousand. It is all about finding a company that puts you first instead of the bottom line. Find a company that cares for its people instead of just wanting to make a dollar.

The Care

Once the film has been correctly installed and dried, you can wash it like you usually do, but you need to avoid pressure washing it. The pressure washer will damage the film, and it will remove the paint. It will permanently damage the film’s surface when you spray the washer too close to the edges. You don’t want to ruin that paint job, so don’t use something that will put too much pressure on it.

Choosing The Best

As mentioned above, you will need to protect the car and its film. So do your best to ensure that you don’t do anything that will cause any damage that can’t be fixed. Make the best decision possible and find a company that cares about you and your car. Make your film last, and your car looks great!



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